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Friends only!

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Hello! (sorry for the caps)
As you can see this journal is friends only. I really don't have any rules or anything, but if you are going to friend me all I ask is that we have stuff in common. I do look at every profile and journal to see if we have anything in common. If we don't have anything in common, I won't add you.

This journal...is everyday stuff, kinda. I mainly talk about these things:

I think that's all. Whatever...um, yeah. That's it I guess. :D

OH! Um, I'd be great if you left a comment. Otherwise, I'll forget about you. ^^
[Naruto] Kakashi

J-Music List

Psssst, f-list please ignore this. Unless you want a song then hey, I'll try and upload it for you. But you'll probably have them, since some of you gave them to me. XD I just wanted to have this so I can give people a link back to my list when I request songs.

Updated Mar. 17, 2009.

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